Let Me Help You Convert Your Old VHS Home Movies To Digital Videos

And Enjoy Sharing All These Special Family Memories With Your Family & Friends

If you are like me, you have probably been concerned about your special family memories slowly deteriorating. 

Discover the same easy way I am using to preserve all your old VHS home movies to share with family and friends.

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An Archive of Your Precious Family History

It's a job you've also probably been wanting to do for years. If you are like me, you have a cupboard full of old VHS movies. What is really an archive of your precious family history.  All those wonderful memories of your family vacations, from the first steps of your children through to every step as they grew up through their childhood…. all lost in your cupboard.

Losing All Those Special Memories

You've probably also been concerned that overtime these tapes could deteriorate losing all your valuable family memories. Or worse still suddenly be destroyed by some disaster.

But what if you could preserve these treasured memories, safe from being lost. Best of all, rather than locking all these memories away, be able to enjoy sharing them with your family members, any time. How special would that be?

Where Do You Start....?

But every time I looked at doing this job, it just seemed too hard, too complicated. So the box stayed in the cupboard. 

I Finally Found The Perfect Simple Solution

Thankfully, I came across a really easy solution. That simple I got really enthused about finally getting this job done. So much so, I wanted to share it with you. That's why I've put together a guide to provide you the exact process I’m using. It's simple!

What's really exciting though, is once these old VHS movie tapes are converted to digital videos, it opens up all new possibilities. Instead of all these wonderful memories hidden away collecting dust, they can now be easily shared. To be enjoyed by your children, family and friends, whenever they want to. How special is that? 

what you'LL LEARN

Here’s how the guide can help you.....

Its Really Quite Simple...

To me, just the thought of doing this job was a put off. Where do you start. There's a minefield of information out there. But deciding where to start ends up with total confusion.

With this guide, the research has been done for you. The guide shows you what equipment you need and the simple steps required to get started. 

You Are Not Alone

I converted all my old slides and photos to digital years ago. "What was Mum like when she was my age", my three year old granddaughter asked. Within minutes I was sharing on my phone, pictures of her mother at the same age. 

But until now, all that treasure trove of home movie memories has been in the too hard basket. That's now changing using the exact same process I am sharing. 

And There's More...

The first guide gets you started on how to preserve your precious memories. 

I'll then be sharing the next steps. How to share the video highlights with your family.... any time and from anywhere.  

While global travel is currently curtailed, I hope this time will be an opportunity for you to also start sharing your treasured family memories. Travel is about enjoying new experiences. If we can't travel at the moment, what better way than to share the joy of our past experiences. 

To get instant access, just register below. It's free! As we progress through this process, I'll also be keeping you updated on the next step on easy ways to share your treasured memories with family and close friends.

I hope this helps you to also get started. Stay well and happy reminiscing!


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