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Dear Fellow Writer,

So, you’ve written a book or in the process of writing? It’s a subject you are passionate about. You feel strongly how your message could positively impact others, the same as it has for you. Your passion drives the commitment and dedication for your project.

A question every author needs to ask, however, is what is the purpose of your book? Is it intended for a small group – typically your family and social or business connections?  

Or could your book serve to influence, inform, entertain or perhaps a life experience you have learned, benefit a far greater audience? Do you see it as a personal ambition, or even a sense of obligation that as many people as possible would benefit from your story or knowledge?

Chris Herrmann

The Books Make Money Myth

The unfortunate news is books don’t make money. Certainly not by traditional means. Of course, there are exceptions. Typically, the best you can hope for is to recover your costs. But don’t expect to be financially rewarded for all your time, expertise, skills and experience you devoted to share your story. If you are happy with donating your time, as with a hobby, you'll be amongst many authors.

If you strive to impact people as widely as possible, you need to look at your book in a totally different light. Publishing your book is not where it ends, it is just the start.

It's a Business...

Unless the purpose of your work is a hobby, or for a very small defined market, you otherwise need to treat your project as a business.

Your book is the product. To help as many people as possible gain the benefits from the information you share in the book, your book must be considered as just one part of a business strategy. A strategy where the majority of your focus is promotion, marketing and sales.

Making Money As An Author

The secret is how you use your book as part of a business strategy. You want is a win-win model. Where as many readers and followers can gain the benefit of your experience or expertise.

Where you generate an appropriate return that helps you to continue to grow the reach of your message and influence far beyond your just your immediate social reach. Plus where you can be appropriately financially rewarded for your efforts, hopefully many times over.

Not to do so, will inevitably prove a financial drain. 

About Chris Herrmann

"Unless its just a hobby, you have to treat your book as a business" says Chris Herrmann, international travel expert, author and speaker. His advice comes from a background career in business. Experience that includes corporate management and in particular as a founder of a successful small business, recognised by a number of small business and entrepreneurial awards. 

He has authored a number of children's story books (that’s another story) as well as family memoir books. These have been intended for close family and friends. He has also written business related books for a clear strategic business purpose. 

His latest popular book, My Senior Gap Year (re published as The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel), attracted a broad range of media interest. From the BBC, USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, with numerous TV, radio, print and online media. My Senior Gap Year has also been published in Taiwan for the Chinese market.  

Drawing on his business acumen along with his research with top selling authors and experts in the book industry, he is now assisting other authors with the key strategies that helps to make a successful and financially rewarded author.  

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Being a successful author requires are a number of simple strategies that can make a difference to your success as an author. Issues that include.....

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  • The one critical strategy that will make or break you as an author    

Will the expertise, knowledge and experience you are looking to share through your book achieve the readership attention it deserves? For many of us, unfortunately our aspirations stay just dreams. They fail to reach their full potential because the hurdles seem too much, or because of the mistakes we unwittingly make.

But sometimes we just need to hear from someone else whose been there before you. To learn from their knowledge and success to let our dreams become a reality.

Can you afford to waste all the effort you have put into your work with a less than maximum result? One phone call could change the outcome.... and your life.... 

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