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There is an audience who needs to hear your story. No matter whether you are a famous celebrity or have lived what you may describe just a plain life, you like the rest of us have a story to tell. 

Or perhaps you experienced a life changing event which you have overcome. How much would the world benefit from learning the experience of your journey? The passion you devote to writing your book, can be used to benefit far more people across all corners of the globe?   

Maybe your story could be told visually? Do you have old home movies that are potentially deteriorating and lost in storage. How great would it be to not only preserve those memories, but be able to freely share them with your children's.   

Here are ways you can enrich others by sharing your story....

The book that is inspiring other people to live their travel dreams. Read More  

Home Movies

Preserve and share your old home movies...

Don't lose all your precious old home movie memories. You probably have  a box full of old old VHS movies stacked away.  

It's something you've probably always wanted to save them before they deteriorate. But its all just seemed too hard. Where do you start?

Using this free guide, discover an easy way to preserve and start sharing your old home movies with your family and friends.

Memoir Book

Record your personal history in a book to give as a gift to your family & friends... 

We all have a story to tell. We don't have to be famous or have done anything amazing.

But each of us is unique and has a story our grandchildren will want to hear from us. Whether it's to share the life lessons we have learnt or simply sharing how life was.

Your story does not have to be a novel. It's your story, you choose. But above all, allowing your story to live on makes a wonderful gift for your children and grandchildren.

Book Mentor

Do not publish your book until you read this....

Do not publish your book until you read this.... Does your book offer a benefit to a far greater audience than just your immediate network? 

Do you have a personal ambition, or even a sense of obligation that as many people as possible would benefit from your story or knowledge?

Discover how to turn your passion as a successful author that can positively impact people around the world.

About Chris Herrmann

Chris Herrmann, an expert international traveler, author and speaker, has written a number of children's story books (though that’s another story), family memoir books as well as business books. 

His latest popular book, My Senior Gap Year (re published as The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel), attracted a broad range of media interest. From the BBC, USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, with numerous TV, radio, print and online media. My Senior Gap Year has also been published in Taiwan for the Chinese market.  

Drawing on his business acumen along with his research into top selling authors and experts in the book industry, Chris also assists other authors with the key strategies that helps to make a successful and financially rewarded author.  

And why the name Shupaman Publishing? As a child I lived on a regular after school TV diet of two shows. One provided a dose of crazy humour.... the other, Superman served the superhero aspirations of a child. Of course as adults, such super powers are mere fantasy. As in the business world... or book venture, it's an ill gotten false hope to expect a magic path to success. Shupaman represents the opportunity. While you can aim for the stars, with the right guidance, you'll have the best chance of at least reaching the stars..... Chris Herrmann

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Be Inspired To Share Your Story...

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