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The Youthful Midlife Traveller: A Baby Boomer's Guide to Independent World Travel

In this guide book, Chris Herrmann provides a valuable resource for anyone seeking to embark on a global travel adventure, especially those in the midlife stage. It offers a comprehensive and insightful look at the various aspects of long-term travel, providing practical advice, personal anecdotes, and inspirational stories.
Comprising 30 chapters, the guide covers a wide range of topics, from the initial dream and planning stages to the actual travel experiences and lessons learned along the way. The writing is engaging and relatable, as Chris draws from his own journey and experiences.
One of the book's strengths is its emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspects of travel. It delves into the fears and uncertainties that can accompany a major life change, providing encouragement and practical tips for overcoming them. Chris's personal story of coping with loss and embarking on a year-long adventure is both touching and inspiring.
The guide also highlights the importance of connecting with local cultures, engaging in activities, and living like a local to create more meaningful and authentic travel experiences. It encourages readers to break free from their comfort zones and embrace the unknown, all while providing useful insights into budgeting, accommodation, and safety.
In addition to the practical advice, the messsage on pursuing one's dreams, regardless of age or life stage, is a powerful motivator. Chris's belief in living life to the fullest and taking on new challenges resonates throughout the book, serving as a call to action for those who may have been hesitant to follow their own travel dreams.
Overall, this guide book is a treasure trove of wisdom, personal reflections, and practical tips for midlife travelers and anyone looking to embark on a life-changing adventure. It serves as both a guide and an inspirational testament to the idea that it's never too late to explore the world, create unforgettable memories, and find personal growth along the way.

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The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel 

Originally published as My Senior Gap Year, reading this entertaining travel memoir, you’ll discover how one man's journey, prompted by a personal loss, has changed his life forever and inspired countless others.
A grandfather of seven, Chris Herrmann left his home and family in Australia and embarked on an unlikely and at times hilarious 365-day solo backpacking adventure around the world. Chris set out to live every day as an unknown adventure. He wasn’t trying to escape from life or to find himself. Instead he wanted to be free to explore and escape the normal routines and expectations of life.
While some saw his trip as crazy, he embraced it as a way to challenge himself. To push himself out of his comfort zone. He left with no purpose, other than to take each day as it came and be open to opportunities. You’ll learn how one project he initiated has benefited charities worldwide.
Chris’s story has been covered by the BBC and by numerous TV, radio, print and online media across Australia, Europe and Asia. During his journey, he was inspired by the confidence of many young travellers he met along the way. He hopes The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel will inspire you to live your travel adventures.  Read more...

Adventures in the Refrigerator: Tales of the Vegetable Community

Step into a world where vegetables come to life and form an unlikely, yet heartwarming, community in the cool and comforting confines of a refrigerator.
"Adventures in the Refrigerator: Tales of the Vegetable Community" is a collection of enchanting stories that transport young readers into the whimsical and imaginative lives of these vibrant characters.
In this delightful book, young children will discover a series of captivating tales filled with friendship, teamwork, resilience, and the value of embracing diversity. Join Miss Tomato, Mr. Carrot, Miss Broccoli, Mr. Pepper, and other colorful personalities as they navigate the challenges and joys of life within the fridge.
From midnight adventures to unforgettable parties, from chilling dilemmas to heartwarming reconciliations, each story in this collection explores important life lessons through the endearing and relatable experiences of the vegetable community. These charming tales are not only entertaining but also impart valuable messages about unity, kindness, compassion, loss and the beauty of embracing change.
"Adventures in the Refrigerator: Tales of the Vegetable Community" is a heartwarming and engaging book that will captivate young readers, sparking their imaginations and encouraging them to celebrate friendship and the wonder of the everyday. It's a delightful addition to any child's reading collection and a perfect choice for bedtime stories that will leave a lasting impression on young hearts and minds.  Read more....

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Recognition Programs – Learn What Rewards Work and What Don’t Work Kindle Edition

The more familiar we become with people, as in our work environments, the easier it seems to notice others faults. Unfortunately if left unchecked, organizations can soon find a negative, unsupportive culture slowly spreading like a cancer that gradually stifles customer satisfaction. Before long business profits suffocate through diminishing customer satisfaction.

Smart organizations know that satisfied customers are directly related to the level of positive, satisfied, motivated employees.

There are many "sophisticated" but often manipulative programs designed to drive employees harder to generate greater efficiency and more profits.

Understanding the actual performance of an individual is the key to providing appropriate recognition and reward but uncovering true performance is not always straightforward. Sometimes heroes work away quietly without publicizing their successes while more extrovert characters piggy-back the successes of others to gain a little lime-light.

This book introduces you to the range of traits that are commonly found inside companies and provides guidance about looking beneath the surface to reveal true performance.  Read more....

A Practical Guide on planning events using the experience
of Professional Trainers and Event Managers

Running a successful event provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization. Whether your target audience is customers, membership or your employees, whether the event is a small seminar, employee or membership function, trade show or a large conference, a successful event provides profitable benefits.

Getting it wrong can have detrimental consequences.
Getting it wrong however can have detrimental consequences. Considerable investment goes into organizing and running a successful event, small or large. There is the financial investment of direct running costs, as well as the cost of your organization’s time preparing the event. At higher risk however is your organisation’s reputation.

That’s why we prepared the “Event Planning Secrets” manual to provide you a practical guide for running events like conferences, workshops, road shows and seminars whether an internal event involving only your staff, or external, involving invited delegates.
The manual is aimed at organizations whose mainstream business is not event management. The content is compiled from globally sourced information using the practical experience of professional trainers, event managers and promotional agents gleaned over many years, so the advice given is tried and tested and it works.  Read more....

Wes Herrmann

The book is based on a diary kept by Wes Herrmann which covered most part of his life. From that diary, this book was written to tell the story of a special person in the many people in his life. We all may have a different life story to tell and we may have different fashions from generations past. But we all experience our own fears, our hopes and our dreams. What was to be five months before his death, his grandson recorded with him, from his diary, the highlights of his life. His story is told both in his memory and for the benefit of his generations to come..  Read more....

The Nanna You Didn't Know You Knew

Nanna loved her grandchildren. This book is written not just to tell her story. Nanna chose to live by many excellent personal qualities. Gifts her grandchildren can choose to also be part of their lives. Read more....

The Pirate The Princess and Old Troopy

Pirate Pete was a young mischievous scallywag who lived in the beautiful village of Fairy Beach. He dreams of one day marrying the beautiful Princess who has just arrived in the small village. It is only with the guidance of the Wise Old Fairy who lived high up in the mountains and his adventures with Old Troopy the horse, does he finally realise his dream. Read more....

Bogie Bear and Bootishus Bear

Bogie Bear is a big gentle bear who frolics carefree around the woods in the Land of Oz. One day he decides to head west. He eventually finds himself in a hot, dry and baron place called Tuffler. It’s there that he meets the beautiful Bootishus Bear who had left the lush fields of the south to seek adventure. Bootishus Bear’s dreams of one day finding the bear of her dreams comes to life in this harsh and dry land. Read more....

Empress Nasabeth of Ostrea and Ozzie Ocker

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the beautiful Empress Nasabeth of Ostrea lives in a house as big as a castle, home to many an Empress of generations before her. But she quietly dreams of a place much far away. In the hot dry centre of the Land Of Oz lives Ozzie Ocker. He is a friendly happy go lucky young fella who teaches the many travellers from other faraway lands, the ways of this remote land. Read more....

Kaiserin Nasabeth von Ostrea und Ozzie Ocker

Von schneebedeckten Bergen umgeben lebt die schöne Kaiserin Nasabeth von Ostrea. Ihr Haus war so groß wie ein Schloss und war bereits seit Generationen die Heimat vieler Kaiserinnen. Aber sie träumte leise von einem Land weit weit weg. In der heißen, trockenen Mitte des Land Of Oz lebt Ozzie Ocker. Er ist ein freundlicher happy go lucky Kerl der den vielen Reisenden aus anderen fernen Ländern, die Lebensweise seines abgelegenen Landes unterrichtet. Read more....

The Story of Zara and Zakta

Living on a country farm surrounded by sheep and cows, the beautiful Zara dreams of a land that is far away and so very different to the life she has grown up with. But will Zakta, the handsome young farmer she meets and falls in love with at the local Cow Muster share the same dream?. Read more....

About Chris Herrmann

Chris Herrmann, an expert international traveler, author and speaker, has written a number of children's story books (though that’s another story), family memoir books as well as business books. 

His latest popular book, My Senior Gap Year (re published as The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel), attracted a broad range of media interest. From the BBC, USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, with numerous TV, radio, print and online media. My Senior Gap Year has also been published in Taiwan for the Chinese market.  

Drawing on his business acumen along with his research into top selling authors and experts in the book industry, Chris also assists other authors with the key strategies that helps to make a successful and financially rewarded author.  

And why the name Shupaman Publishing? As a child I lived on a regular after school TV diet of two shows. One provided a dose of crazy humour.... the other, Superman served the superhero aspirations of a child. Of course as adults, such super powers are mere fantasy. As in the business world... or book venture, it's an ill gotten false hope to expect a magic path to success. Shupaman represents the opportunity. While you can aim for the stars, with the right guidance, you'll have the best chance of at least reaching the stars..... Chris Herrmann

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